What is the Alexander Technique? 

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The Alexander Technique is a positive and gentle way of learning to change ingrained habits of posture and movement

These habits mean we often use more muscle tension than we need for the task in hand. Learning the Alexander Technique helps you to reduce this tension so you use less effort for each movement. At the same time it strengthens your postural support system and you become able to move and breathe more freely.

People find it useful for 

Many people start taking lessons for a specific problem or condition but over time they realise it can bring other benefits. It’s something you learn rather than a therapy to fix you instantly.  By having lessons you’ll find a way of addressing long-term postural patterns that may be causing pain or difficulty or restricting how you live your life.   

A series of lessons can help you move differently and regain your natural balance and poise. You will also be more in control of your own health and well-being with a greater sense of resilience and vitality.

Back pain or neck pain

Two major clinical trials have shown that Alexander Technique lessons produced a long-term reduction in pain and improvement in quality of life for people with back pain or neck pain 

Parkinson’s disease

The latest guidelines from the National Institute for Care and Excellence (NICE) recommend Alexander Technique to help with balance and movement if you have Parkinson’s disease.