Testimonials for the Alexander Technique 

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The quotes below from Paths to the Alexander Technique (edited by Shelagh Aitken and published by HITE on behalf of The FM Alexander Trust) show the benefits of applying the Alexander Technique from the perspectives of a wide variety of people in different walks of life:

 “Taking up the idea of listening to my body and becoming at ease with it has given new energy to the later years of my life.” - p34

 “My back pain had also almost completely disappeared although it remained a small problem for a while.  If the pain recurred, I would almost immediately find somewhere where I could lie down to apply the Technique; friends and colleagues quickly became accustomed to seeing me doing this.  It is now many years since I last had back pain.” -  p148

 “I have seen some remarkable and welcome changes in myself since I met up with my teacher.  I do not have a back problem, my back has actually become stronger and so have my legs. My back has regained much of the lost space and territory it used to own.“ -  p158 

“Today I am no longer afraid of pain, and it no longer dictates my life.” - p169