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Some introductory books on the Alexander Technique

Over thirty first-hand accounts of how different people stumbled across the Alexander Technique and what life-affirming effects it has had on them. Useful if you’re thinking about having lessons but you’re not sure.


Accessible introduction to the Alexander Technique by an experienced Alexander teacher, with helpful photos to illustrate all points.  


A thoughtful and comprehensive introduction to the Alexander Technique by a cellist and Alexander teacher, with a good chapter on emotional responses. 


Excellent introduction with clear explanations and helpful case studies.


Summary of key results of a major back pain study published in the BMJ in 2008 (10 minutes)


How to lie down in the semi-supine position to help with posture and back care (6 minutes)


Finding balance and mobility and preventing injury in sporting activities (5 minutes)


Overview of the Alexander Technique by American teacher Fred Lacy (20 minutes)