Alexander Technique for Managing Stress 

Alexander Technique teacher working with hand.jpg

Learning the Alexander Technique has given me practical skills to handle situations I used to find overwhelming. My wellbeing has improved and my stress levels have gone down.

It’s not a relaxation treatment or stress therapy. Instead you learn a new way of integrating thinking and activity - a kind of ‘embodied mindfulness’. In the process you develop greater physical presence, increased resilience and a calmer frame of mind.

Maybe you get anxious about presentations or deadlines. Perhaps you’ve got long-term stresses in your life that won’t go away and make it hard to cope.

People who learn the Alexander Technique use it to:

  • manage emotional responses and find new ways of reacting

  • improve breathing, voice quality and physical presence

  • find greater balance, calm and equanimity

  • feel more confident about coping with difficult situations  

You may have found strategies that help you de-stress and stay calm. But if what you’re doing isn’t working, then maybe the Alexander Technique can help.