Alexander Technique for Managing Stress 

Alexander Technique teacher working with hand.jpg

Learning the Alexander Technique can give you a lifelong tool to help develop resilience and manage stress.

You might be doing regular presentations or coping with constant deadlines. Or you might have longer-term stresses in your life – juggling a busy job and family, managing illness or a chronic condition or acting as carer in someone’s life.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique will help you to: 

  • manage anxiety and find new ways of reacting

  • improve your breathing and vocal presence

  • reduce nerves and increase confidence

  • find a greater sense of balance and calm

  • feel more optimistic about your capacity to cope with life  

In one-to-one Alexander lessons I’ll use sensitive hand contact and spoken guidance to help you learn to stop before you tense up.  You’ll begin to get a sense of how you often react without thinking - and how you could change that.  The Alexander Technique integrates thinking and activity, so over time you’ll find a greater presence and self-awareness and will feel calmer and more balanced. 

You’ll learn lifelong skills of self-care which will help you to feel more resilient, whatever you’re facing.