Alexander Technique for Posture, Balance and Mobility

Alexander Technique lesson in North London.jpg

Learning the Alexander Technique has brought me alignment, balance and poise in my posture, something I thought was beyond me.

It doesn’t use strengthening or stretching exercises to get this result. Instead it makes you think and move differently. Your body alignment improves and you learn to move in a lighter and more effortless way.

Maybe you’d like help with rounded shoulders or posture after too many hours online. Or you want help with post-op recovery or wobbly balance.

It doesn’t happen overnight but lessons can help to:

  • reduce stiffness and immobility

  • improve posture and reduce aches and pains

  • provide increased support and alignment through the spine

  • restore balance, poise and confident movement

You’ll feel more in control of your body rather than feeling it’s working against you.

Help with balance and movement

The latest guidelines from the National Institute for Care and Excellence (NICE) have recognised how helpful the Alexander Technique can be for balance. It is now recommended to help with balance and movement for anyone with Parkinson’s disease. 

Research into balance and fear of falling

A number of research studies have looked at the effect of learning the Alexander Technique on balance and fear of falling.